It seems there is a new bewafa in town. After Sonam Gupta ruled the internet for being bewafa, social media has now created found a new bewafa in Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After #SonamGuptaBewafahai trended on social media, lots of restaurants and cafes opened up their gates to Sonam Guptas offering them a variety of discounts.

Though the reason why Sonam went bewafa is unknown, the reason behind the anger against the Prime Minister a simple guess: Demonetisation.

Have a look at some of the angry tweets:

And the messages on the notes are also back! with a different target, of course

The opposition has been repeatedly asking for a statement by the PM on demonetisation in Parliament, but Modi has refused to bat the eyelid. However, his video address to the Global Citizens Concert on Saturday provoked people to ask that the PM doesn’t have time to address the House but could be available for a speech at a concert.

Not just Modi, some are targetting other politicians like Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal too.

And Congress Vice President is busy gaining brownie points. Rahul visited ATMs to meet the people who are standing in lines and the Congress IT cell member Gaurav Pandhi made sure he had the hastag ‘Modi_Bewafa_Hai’.


Exactly, what we are thinking too!