We’ve all lusted over Harry Potter sometime but not like this. Never like this. Photographer Sarah Hester has done a portfolio of model/photographer Zachary Howell to do a boudoir shoot that I can only define as the very personification of hotness. Hester, who happens to be a huge Harry Potter fan as well, collaborated with Howell to do the shoot.

The Oklahoma-based photographer uploaded the photos from the portfolio shoot to her website and has since garnered much acclaim from the fans of the Harry Potter series.The idea for the shoot emerged when Hester started calling Howell ‘Harry’ as she had trouble remembering his name. She had only met him at a meet she had organised for local photographers at her studio. After getting acquainted, she pitched the idea of a boudoir shoot. The two discussed the possibility of a Harry Potter theme and in the next week, voila! Sheer hotness.

The sexy photoshoot has since broken the internet. Hester has herself expressed her disbelief on how much people have loved her Harry Potter shoot. “Still can’t believe these are trending!!? This is out of this world!,” she says. She goes on to mention that Howell is the “most awesome model”.

“Well these Harry Potter dudeoir photos have been making their way around the interweb on BuzzFeed! This is so crazy! Thanks to @mrzomzom (Zachary Howell) for being an awesome model! Isn’t he handsome!?” she captioned a photo she had shared on Instagram.

“Isn’t He handsome?? There is a Harry Potter festival here in Oklahoma City today. I thought it might be a good day to release these into the world,” says the photographer on her website. We won’t keep you waiting any longer but, beware, these photos will do some serious damage to your heart (and your ovaries).

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Spells that put you in love. Taken by @sarahhesterphotography

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