As much as people like to put Indian author Chetan Bhagat’s face over a controversy, this time, it seems, the author was not at fault. A fake account of Indian author Chetan Bhagat created a furore over social media as many mistook him for the author himself. The fake Facebook page, which runs in the name of the 43-year-old author, recently shared a post titled ‘Let her take her time’ which invited a lot of backlash. Sadly, many people, including our team at InUth, mistook the Facebook handle for the official Chetan Bhagat.

The mind-boggling post which was offensive towards women was posted about a week ago by an unofficial page for the author. The post went viral with people mistaking the page for the author’s verified page.

With words such as “When she takes time to serve you breakfast, let her. She has kept aside the burnt toast for herself and is taking the time to serve her family the nicest ones she could manage,” the post hit a sensitive nerve among many who then bashed the author. “Seriously Mr. Chetan Bhagat you are an absolute idiot!! What stupid things to say – the magnanimous, idiotic male “allowing” the poor browbeaten little woman to take her time… can you get more patronising and silly!!” wrote one Facebook user.

We published an article based on a Facebook page that claims to represent Chetan Bhagat. The Facebook page turned out to be a fake one. We apologise for not doing the due diligence in verifying the authenticity of the post. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to Mr Bhagat. We also apologise to our readers. We promise to be more mindful.