Milind Soman, the man who gave us Captain Vyom, and broke a thousand hearts with guest appearance in music videos is a fitness icon like no other. Until 1995, Milind Soman was just another Indian guy, who looked like a Greek God besides being a national-level swimmer, an engineering graduate and well, a model. It wasn’t until he featured in Alisha Chenoy’s superhit video song, Made In India that the stars turned in his favour. Milind Soman stole the hearts of millions thanks to his riveting good looks. His journey from a national level swimmer to a model-turned-actor to a chain smoker and finally, to the fitness icon he is today has been momentous as well as inspiring.

Before he took up running like his life depends on it (and it does), Milind Soman used to reportedly smoke up to 30 cigarettes a day. With a sweet-tooth he couldn’t always control it took him three long years to overcome all his vices.

Milind Sonam turned his focus on fitness and there was no looking back, considering he has made India proud by winning two most difficult endurance_races, winning the titles of Ironman (2015) and  Ultraman (2017). Even at 51, Milind Soman can put many young gym-goers and body-builders to shame but he maintains ‘he doesn’t train for looks but for bettering his performance’.

How you doin’?

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Even more amazing is his thought behind starting Pinkathon in 2012. Started by Milind Soman and Reema Sanghavi, Pinkathon was created with an aim to encourage Indian women to spend some time on their health and fitness, which they tend to neglect while getting busy with household responsibilities. The inspiration behind Milind Soman’s fitness and the idea of Pinkathon is his mother, Usha Soman, a retired professor, who joins him during various marathons.

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Here’s a look at some of his amazing Instagram photographs, which are undoubtedly drool-worthy but more than that they are truly motivating. Interestingly enough, Milind Soman defines himself as a ‘Tree lover and a running person’ on Instagram.


You want a great life ? All you have to do is #WakeUp !!! 🙂

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Without health, there is no true freedom. Wishing every citizen health and happiness forever !! Jai Hind ! __ Pic :

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The purpose of a pilgrimage is not to get to the temple.

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Cool down run after 5km swim in 1hr 57min at Goa Swimathon 🙂 first time in the water since July 2015 Ironman!

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Posture, cadence, kick – check 3

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11k in 54 minutes!#SummerRunning Photo: Vinay Dahiya

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Never say “I can’t”! #ChildrenAreListening

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Every day is women’s day!!! 🙂 #FatafatiPinkathon @pinkathonindia Pic- @sarthakmalani

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