How crazy one can get to go viral? Well these group of men have gone far beyond the known limits of craziness. They have organised a drunk match for themselves. There is one big rule for the night- all the players would have to be completely drunk. Rest all the rules of football applied. But when somebody is sloshed how can one expect that there would be any rule left to be broken. And that’s what happened. The footballers filled themselves up with alcohol. It was one hell of a party before the match. Many spectators also joined the party. Before the party the players were so drunk that they started squabbling among themselves. They were not able to walk properly. As soon as they reached the playground. Many players slept as soon as reached. One player was even spotted puking.

The rules were weird. It was decided that the players would have 1.0 concentration of alcohol before they enter. They will also have to maintain that alcohol percentage if they were to score any goal. This is because the players would gave to maintain 1.0 alcohol in them when they score goals. Otherwise their goals will be disallowed.

When the match started the players were completely in disarray. They were tackling each other and were getting physical with each other. They were kicking in thin air when football was lying elsewhere. It looked a complete mad house.

In another video by another group of men showed drunk penalty shootout. And it is also very funny.