This viral video will change the way you look at sports. Look at this video. A group of young men have take their leisure pursuits to extreme level. This is a 4 minute clip. In this clip, the first trick consists of three bar stools. A man flips three water bottles one by one. The first water bottle somersaults and lands on the table flat.  The second water bottle behaves the same. The third water bottle also sticks to the table number 3. And then we come to know that we are watching some serious sport that requires strength, stamina, balance and focus.

In the second clip in the video, a man throws a water bottle from the ground floor. The bottle lands on the railing and doesn’t fall. In the third clip, a group of men flip the bottle at the moment and all the bottles land on the table at the same time.

In another clip,  a man hits the football inside the goal. But before the ball goes in, he flips the bottle that lands safely.

If you think that is it and there is nothing more to it, you are surprised that the bottle even went in the golf hole.