All that is asked from a goalkeeper is to pay attention to the game and stop goals from being scored. But that is a far cry for this goalkeeper. He is not paying attention to the game and even drinking water during play. Shockingly, he is unmindful that attempts at the goals were being made by his opponents as he was busy drinking.

The incident occurred in an ice hockey match. Andrei Gavrilov was playing in the KHL against Dynamo MSK. But he was not at all focusing. He was a goalie with the side Salavat Yulaev. The opponents kept on shooting goals but Gavrilov was busy drinking water. However, despite being given an open goal, they couldn’t score a goal. He got away with this carelessness as his side still won.

Sports has no dearth of such bloopers. Watch the compilation of funny sports bloopers which will make you laugh.

The first one is when an over-confident runner thought she was way ahead of the lot. The woman didn’t pay much attention to the obstacle as she fell face first in water.

In another video, Usain Bolt almost ran over a woman. But he somehow controlled himself and avoided the crash.

Some of the videos were even painful to see. A runner rammed into an obstacle. A gymnast falls from a height. Watch the video below to find out.