The motivation to wake up early in the morning isn’t much there for most of us. But somehow we still manage to open our eyes and hit the snooze button in our alarm clocks before lazily getting out of our beds, the struggle is certainly there for real. But, NBA’s Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade and La Liga’s Real Madrid ace Cristiano Ronaldo are two of those few people out there who are ready to rock ‘n’ roll from the minute they wake up, at least that’s what the latest Poker Stars’ #raiseit video is all about. Both Wade and Ronaldo posted their viral videos on the internet, and since then the videos have been trending.

Dwayne Wade is seen waking up in the Poker Stars video dressed in a white t-shirt and black trouser with a black blindfold on. The 34-year-old American basketball player slams the alarm gets up in a sitting position, grabs a basketball from underneath the bed and calmly baskets the ball behind him. Wade then posted it on twitter with a caption stating, “Did I make it @Cristiano? I wasn’t looking. #raiseit, my friend.”

(Video: Twitter/DwyaneWade)

Cristiano Ronaldo is seen waking up in the Poker Stars video dressed only in his boxers. And as soon as he gets up, the 31-year-old Portuguese footballer kicks in with a few keepy-ups initially followed by some headers. Ronaldo doesn’t stop there as he continues to freestyle with the football with a smirk on his face. Eventually, Cristiano shoots the ball towards his wardrobe and then upon deflection, the ball lands itself inside a miniature goal in the balcony. Ronaldo then posted it on twitter with a caption stating, “Open your eyes @dwyanewade – this is how I wake up #raiseit.”

(Video: Twitter/Cristiano)

If these videos aren’t cool, we seriously don’t know what is. Celebrities have attempted Poker Star’s #raiseit challenge videos time and again, but we think Dwyane Wade and Cristiano Ronaldo’s attempt is definitely the most unique.