Indian pace bowler Umesh Yadav has explained what happened when he took Joe Root’s catch on the first day of the Test match against England. Umesh Yadav had taken the centurion’s catch and lost control over the ball as he was tossing it up for celebrations. Umpires sent the decision upstairs. The third umpire ruled in favour of Yadav and Root was adjudged out.

“A lot of people got confused. But actually it was a celebration. I had thrown the ball after catching it. When I tossed the ball, I accidentally hit it with my hand. Then I thought the umpire might object that I have tossed the ball so early. That’s why I ran to catch the ball again. The umpires got confused due to this. But it was a clear catch and everybody has seen it,” Yadav said in an interview with BCCI.

“ I have developed a habit of being quick after working with Sridhar’s sir,” he added.

Umesh Yadav was pretty impressive in the ongoing Test against England. The bowler bowled 32 overs in the first innings, maintaining his pace. It was a flat wicket and was favouring batsmen. But that didn’t stop Yadav from bowling with the right line and length. His hard work brought results. Yadav took two wickets. However, this number would have been much bigger if Indian fielders had taken 4 catches that they dropped of Umesh Yadav’s bowling.

Reacting on the dropped catches, Umesh Yadav said it was part and parcels of the game. He said sometimes a fielder takes great catches, sometimes they drop. He said as a bowler it would become difficult to perform if he keeps on worrying about the dropped catches.

Talking about his performance, Yadav said it was a flat wicket. But an international bowler can’t complain about wickets. He said his strategy was to bowl close to the off stump and give less runs. He said the ball began to reverse later. But the main idea was to choke runs.