Parents can be embarrassing. They find ways to embarrass their children and they are damn good at it. Sometimes, their PDA becomes too much to handle. Sometimes they wear something outrageous. But they can do it in numerous ways. Look at this woman.

The woman was standing up, cheering for her team in the NBA game between Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors. The unsuspecting cameraperson showed her on the big screen. And the rest is history. The woman started swinging crazily on the track as people watched on live screen. 

Her moves were so hilarious. She was moving her head, her legs, her elbows, her hands and what not. She kept on swinging and it was such a great to sight to watch. It was among the moments of the match. The video went viral on the social media. And it was such a funny act.

There was another such moment in Volleyball.

The Golden State Warriors won the match by a fair lead against the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday.

This was one of the crazy moments of basketball. But there are many other crazy events in the history of the game. Now, watch this gentleman. He appeared in a basketball game in 2003. He had danced his heart out for his team. He took his t-shirt off and danced. The security whisked him out. He returned in 2015 with his grandchildren and did something much better than before. He danced with his grand kids and later even danced without his shirt as the world watched. He is such a legend.