Former Pakistani all rounder and captain Shahid Afridi is a very popular person all across the world. He is a one of a kind cricketer. But even in his personal life, he is a kind-hearted person, Afridi also happens to be someone who donates a lot of money towards needy causes. Shahid Afridi has been an integral part of many India versus Pakistan clashes and has made many friends across the border. Afridi is someone who is loved and adored even in India. He has a great equation with many Indian stars from Bollywood as well.

India and Pakistan are traditional foes as the history suggests. Both governments have made very little to get peace back in place, which would augur well for both the nations. Terrorism is another problem both the countries are facing. Ceasefire violations along the borders of Jammu and Kashmir is an everyday affair. In the midst of all of this mess, it is good to see a sporting ambassador coming out in the open and hoping that peace and love prevail. This is great to see a hero of both the nations coming out and expressing his views with a hope and a message. Pakistan celebrated their Independence Day on the 14th of August and he had a message for all the Pakistani’s, in a video. Here it is:

This is the message he had for all the Pakistani citizens on Pakistan Independence Day. Ironically, he also had a message for India, as India celebrates its 71st Independence Day, he has a message for India as well.

Here is the tweet that is now going viral.

Author’s take:

The two countries need more of such stars and icons to come out and promote peace and tranquillity between both the nations, as that could help bridge the gap.