The second semi-final of the Patanjali Powervita Pro Wrestling League (PWL) witnessed the excellent wrestling skills of yoga guru Baba Ramdev in a head-to-head bout with  2008 Olympic silver medalist Andriy Stadnik. Surprisingly, Baba, donning his trademark saffron langot, stunned the entire crowd after beating wrestler Stadnik with a massive 12-0 margin who had defeated Indian wrestling champ, Sushil Kumar.

Baba Ramdev was present at the second semi-final of the PWL between Punjab Royals and Mumbai Maharathi. Before the game started, Baba stepped on the wrestling mat and showed his yoga stances. After that, he raised up the heat in the wrestling arena as he took down the European wrestling champion by a huge margin.

Since it was a promotional bout, Stadnik allowed Ramdev to have his way and so did the referees. But after 2 minutes, Stadnik surrendered.


In the event, Baba urged that people should opt wrestling as it helps in keeping the body fit and gaining stamina. He added that wrestling has achieved a special place in the world sport and will soon become the most popular one.

It was no the first time when Baba showcased his wrestling skills in front of the public. In 2016, on the 20th anniversary of Patanjali’s ashram in Haridwar, Baba challenged Indian champion and two-time Olympic wrestling medallist Sushil Kumar who was present in that event.