Are you the ping pong fan? They call it table tennis, the world calls it that way? The good old indoor sports has enthralled generations in East Asia, for decades. Over the years, the fan following has increased, the style of play is more power these days. Muscles have become an integral part of the game. Have you ever tried playing the fast-paced game over the table? If you have not it is good news for you. Have you ever thought of a particular shot and wanted somebody to tutor you without much fuss? Your dreams could soon become reality.

A new robot table tennis tutor has been launched, it is also a first of its kind. Are you finding it surreal? No it is true. The robotic  tutor will help you master your chops, your top spins and your smashes apart from helping you with your services as well. It has just been launched and we are certain teams around the world will soon look to it for help, at least in the junior levels. As simplified as it gets.

The prices of it is still not disclosed, only a picture of it has been released and it looks ambitious. This is also the reason why India is hailed as a technologically-rich nation. This is also a Word record, registered by the Guinness. Proud moment for India.