Not often do you see big, world athletes cry in pain of losing. But it can happen to the best as well. That is exactly what the world witnessed at the  IAAF World Championships in London on Saturday. The loudest cheer was reserved for the last race of the world’s fastest man on planet till date, Usain Bolt. The event was Usain Bolt’s favored 4×100-meter men’s relay, where Jamaica was starting as outright favourites. They had star runners in their lineups like Yohan Blake, Omar McLeod and Julian Forte.

Due to a lapse from Jamaica, the dark horse Brits went on to win the title.

Usain Bolt, having run a whopping 23 championship races since 2008, this was only the fourth time Bolt failed to win, the first time due to injury, that goes on to show the fitness levels he maintained for this period. Previously, he didn’t win because of a false start, a disqualification after the fact due to a teammate’s failed doping test, and last Saturday, because of an uncharacteristic performance – Bolt came in third in the 100-meter final.

Bolt is not someone the world is used to see losing, but age gets to even the best of them.

Bolt finishes his career with a staggering 14 career medals in the world championships, 11 of them gold, and with eight Olympic gold medals. These are achievements even a continent put together in Olympics fails to achieve, that shows the stature of the Jamaican.

But there was no final flourish for a man who has been not only one of global sport’s great athletes, but one of its great entertainers as well.