Indian athletes, even para athletes have faced the brunt of corruption in the Indian system. That is exactly what forces such talent to fade out, without even shining. This is a known tale. But what happened on Monday was disgusting, to say the least. India’s first wheelchair tennis player Madhu Bagri, was allegedly asked by the Spicejet crew to crawl, they also had the audacity to say, we do not care.

This is the dreadful condition in a country where playing sports and representing the country should be a very big thing.

The 42-year old Madhu Bagri was travelling on a Spice Jet flight from Tirupati to Ahmedabad via Hyderabad. Narrating her sorrow tale, Madhu alleged that the crew had asked her to “walk, crawl or do anything to reach” her seat. This is the aisle of the aircraft was too narrow to accommodate her wheelchair. So insensitive!

Who will take responsibility to answer for what she went through? How can we expect our athletes to perform big on the world stage when they do not get the minimal requirements.

She is currently ranked 113 in the world ranking, which even Sania Mirza does not.

This seems to be a serial offence and the para athletes are at the receiving end of the stick. In the past, Paralympic silver medalist Deepa Malik about insensitivity shown by Vistara airlines in 2016.

It is also great to see that such painful ordeals are finding ears at the right channels and are being heard. The Indian government can surely not brush this episode under the carpet.