It is that time of the year when the results of young students get released, in a way their hardwork is assessed. In India, very few can actually manage studies and sports together simultaneously and then perform well in both, is a rare feat. But Rashi Vashisht has achieved just that, she has scored a whopping 91 per cent, to be precise 91.2 % in her ICSE examinations. That is phenomenal and she shows that nothing is impossible if there is the will to succeed  and excel. Rashi says she does not like it easy. Even after the fantastic show at the exams, it seems her hunger has only increased.

Co-incidentally she was playing a match in Hyderabad when she got to know of the results. The lanky Hyderabadi spoke to a TOI and said that she she would study late into the night, from 9pm to 1am, because she could not afford to miss her badminton practice during the exams. “I was practising from 5am to 8am, and then from 6pm to 9 pm. There were the five hours in school too,” she said.

It has to be said that Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu winning medals for India at the Olympics has inspired umpteen youngsters to take to the sport and Rashi is an example of that.

In the exclusive interview to TOI she also spoke of her dream. “I want to win a gold medal on the big stage. I will continue studying, but my only goal is an Olympic medal. I am training really hard, and will give my sport all I have,” she said.

Rashi would catch up on left out sleep in afternoon. Rashi said whenever she gets time she listens to music and reads books. Her father, Kamal Sharma, owns a business and mother Sukrma Sharma is a housewife.