Betting in cricket has always brought bad name to the game. In 2013, 3 Rajasthan Royals crickets were arrested in connection with match-fixing. This time round it seems the menace of fixing is not over as yet. With reports coming in, it is believed that the Gujarat Lions and Delhi Daredevils match was fixed and rigged. In fact the name of a U-19 cricketer has popped up it seems he provided pitch information to the management of the team. Kanpur police today arrested under-19 cricketer Nayan Shah from Maharashtra in a major breakthrough in connection with a betting racket connected to ongoing IPL matches.

It is believed that is young cricketer got involved in providing important, key information to teams about the all-important pitch.

In Kanpur, Shah had hired Ramesh Kumar, who was employed at Green Park. Ramesh was given Rs 5,000 for watering the pitch, would put excess water on the pitch and make it slow, on the instructions of Nayan. He would then send photos of the pitch to Nayan. Ramesh has already received Rs 20,000 for the job. He is in custody.

Kanpur police made the breakthrough based on a tip from the anti-corruption unit of BCCI.

It was all about getting the pitch tampered in a way to best suit the team.¬†Police also found that Nayan’s room (9th floor) was changed to the floor (17th) where the management of Gujarat lions was staying.

The CCTV footage is yet to be seen and scrutinised by the police, which we believe will happen in due course.