It seems the two big boys of cricket, Kevin Pietersen and Chris Gayle get cheeky and spill the beans on a lot more than we expected. This is an incident that happened, when Delhi Daredevils met Royal Challengers Bangalore at Bangalore. The match to start with swung both ways and was a riveting contest between bat and ball.

So what exactly happened:

Kevin Pietersen was a part of the broadcast during the IPL match, Chris Gayle and Royal Challengers Bangalore were fielding. KP asks Gayle, why are you smiling, in a mockish way, suggesting he knows a lot about  the Universe boss. RCB then were not well-placed in the match and hence KP asks how is a colourful man look so pale. That is when, Gayle retorts by saying his family is in town, so is that the reason why Gayle is trying to behave in a very decent manner. He says when family is in town, you got to keep it neat. KP asks Gayle about Natasha, Gayle’s wife and Gayle confirms, she is okay. He also admits that he is enjoying the game. Gayle says the first six overs are crucial. KP warns Gayle of full tosses as it can be dangerous.

As we speak, Royal Challengers Bangalore have emerged victorious by 15 runs. Negi picked up 2 wickets in the last over. Zaheer Khan says that we lost because we could not get the partnerships that played against us.