Steven Smith’s last years IPL campaign was cut short because of a wrist injury. In modern cricket he is rated as the best batsman in the world, and his records are a testament to it, in all formats. On the other hand, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has achieved every big cricketing ICC flagship honours at stake. One understands he is in the twilight of his career and the reflexes may have slowed down a touch, but that is not the case, he is fit as ever and is witty too. Apparently, Mahendra Singh Dhoni had given his consensus for this decision.

But, let us look at the reasons that led to this.

Private cricket leagues are money spinning leagues where a lot of money is flushed in by the owners, in most cases businessman, who wants a loss. Remember, when KKR, despite having a star studded outfit did not manage to win the IPL in the first four occasions, the Shah Rukh Khan the owner of KKR takes the hard call, he axes Bengal icon Sourav Ganguly and appoints Gautam Gambhir as the skipper, the results showed up immediately, KKR won! So, when there is so much of money at stake, how can you dare to gamble going by your heart.

Despite having international stars like Faf DuPlessis, Steve Smith, Dhoni himself, Kevin Pietersen, they finished a sad seventh in the table standings. So yes, knowing Sanjiv Goenka who is an out an out businessman why should he bask in past records, he is totally justified in making this move.

Press release: Sanjiv Goenka

“I have the highest regard for MS Dhoni as a leader and a person. Dhoni will continue to be an important part of our team. He is supportive of the decision keeping the franchisee’s best interests in mind.”