Yes, this is no cock-and-bull story, this is true. India walloped Pakistan yesterday in Edgbaston by 124 runs in a ICC Champions Trophy 2017 game. India’s win must have given them ample confidence to go deep in the tournament. India’s famed top 4, all of them got 50’s, which means the entire team is in red-hot form. Virat Kohli, the Indian skipper scored 81 and remained not out. That has meant there is an addition to the list of fans ViratyKohli has, but this one has got to be special because it is coming from a Pakistani.  The person we are talking about is a renowned journalist, named Nazrana Ghaffar, who is known to talk of the welfare and rights of the suffering. In a tweet, Nazrana stated that Pakistan cricket team would want to trade off the entire roster of the Pakistan Cricket Team for Indian captain Virat Kohli.

India had defeated Pakistan two years back as well in an ICC tournament, when India thrashed Pakistan in Adelaide in 2015 Cricket World Cup. This is a tweet which actually shows the impact of the Indian captain in such a big match. Virat Kohli has been in a purple patch for a very long time now, he has taken over from where Sachin Tendulkar signed off.

India will be pinning their hopes on Virat Kohli, to successfully defend the coveted ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Virat Kohli may not have shown good form in IPL but in the blue jersey he is a man possessed.