This video of a Serbian footballer has gone viral for the wrong reasons. It normally happens that a footballer goes viral for scoring a fantastic goal. But this is not the case here. This footballer has gone viral for missing the easiest goal chance one would have got. Even a child would have scored this goal. Even an octogenarian would have scored this goal. But not this so-called striker of the Serbian side Lokomotiva.

Serbian striker Djuricic made this goof up to the surprise of his team mates. He was playing for Serbian side Lokomotiva. They were playing in a local Belgrade zone against Turbina. The video was uploaded on YouTube has gone viral.

Djuricic intercepted a pass being made to the goalkeeper and took it near to the goal post. There was nobody in between Djuricic and the goal. And he was so close to the goal post. He was just two yards from the goal post when he made the embarrassing mistake. In haste he hit the ball outside the field of play. The Lokomotive players were shell-shocked. The video went viral.

It was off-course a blunder. But he should not be ashamed of what he did as many international players have made such mistakes and had went viral for their antics.

Watch the video and see for yourself that the list boasts of huge names. Ryan Giggs played his entire career for Manchester United and was one of the greats of the game. But he missed a simple goal.

He is not the only players to be in the great wall of infamy. The second such goof up was pulled by Patrick Roberts. He also missed a simple open goal.

The third name is a legend and one of the biggest ambassadors of football across the globe. He is Pele. Pele pulled a superb trick to fool the goal keeper. But failed to deliver when there was no one between him and the goal.

WATCH this viral video.