Subrata Pal is not unknown to picking controversies, remember Christiano Jr, died after a collision with Subrata Paul, long back. He also plays many leagues across the world and the Indian Super league as well. Subrata Pauil is otherwise one the the best goalkeeper India has ever produced. In his prime, he was a wall a magnet.

Ex-India international Subrata Paul has been tested positive for a banned substance, the AIFF stated.

The All India Football Federation secretary Kushal Das told reporters, “His sample A has tested positive.”

The National Anti-Doping Agency boss Navin Agarwal confirmed the news and said that the former national skipper had been tested in March, but did not reveal the details.

“I am shocked. I have never cheated with football and trust me, I never will till my last day in this sport. All those who know me and I mean players, coaches and officials at all the clubs that I have played in and those with the national team will tell you I am not someone who would take a banned substance,” Paul, an Arjuna award winner in 2016,” said Paul to a media channel.

“Moreover, I have been subjected to at least 15 such tests in my time with the national team and have never failed one. There have also been random tests after I-League games too. At this stage of my career, why would I do something like this? I am going to talk to the AIFF (All India Football Federation) and seek advice. I have also reached out to the medical staff at North East United, DSK Shivajians and the national team doctor. I have not taken any medicine without prescription,” he said.