Nigerian amateur footballer Harrison Chinedu is not a household name, but he is trending now for all the right reasons. He remarkably rode a bicycle for 102.9 kilometres which is approximately 64 miles while balancing a football on his head. Harrison cycled from a beach outside Nigerian capital city – Lagos, all the way to the Eagles’ national stadium, dodging the road potholes with ease and comfortably bypassing the street vendors through the traffic. Bystanders in the public were simply amazed to see him do the stunt with a smile on his face. The gentleman was dressed in Nigerian green colour from head to toe, with the brown sneakers on. He was followed by football enthusiasts and his supporters all the while, who recorded him and played music while he travelled as he performed the shocking stunt, the video of which is now going viral worldwide.

Guinness World Record, football, Nigerian amateur footballer, Harrison Chinedu

Nigeria’s Harrison Chinedu attempts Guinness World Record by cycling for more than 100 kilometres while balancing a football on his head. (Photo: Twitter/AJ+)

Chinedu had earlier attempted a different record with a football. He had walked for 48.2 kilometres which is approximately 30 miles with a football balanced on his head. That record was however broken by someone else soon after. But determined to prove his passion for football and be recognised by the Guinness World Records, he has managed to step up his game and perform this eye-brow raising stunt.

Guinness World Record, football, Nigerian amateur footballer, Harrison Chinedu

Nigerian amateur footballer has swag and a remarkable passion for football. (Photo: Twitter/AJ+)

“My biggest motivation was that I believe in showcasing my God-given talent. I know I have the skill and I want to show the world what I can do. This one is a record created by me and I am happy that I have done my own side. And it’s left for the Guinness World Records to ratify it and bring back results,” said Harrison Chinedu as quoted by The Sun, a foreign publication.

(Video: Twitter/AJ+)

Reportedly, Guinness World Record mediators are aware of Chinedu accomplishment, but in order for him to claim it, the record needs to be approved by them. There a probablity of it not being accepted, however, Harrison will still remain hopeful.