Former Indian opener Virender Sehwag has been making headlines these days because of several reasons. Usually, he remains in the sports bulletin due to the tweets he makes but recently, he came into the limelight after he applied for the Head Coach of the Indian cricket team. Earlier, there were reports that in order to apply for the post, he sent a 2-liner resume. Later he rubbished all such stories. He, however, failed to grab the post of the next coach of team India as former Indian captain Ravi Shastri emerged the frontrunner. But recently what we have discovered about him on search engine Google is something interesting and hilarious too.

It all started when we took to Google to search the name of the very first captain of the Indian Cricket Team (no format specified). The results Google showed was completely surprising. Though world’s most preferred search engine Google showed us the correct name which is CK Nayudu but the picture it showed was incorrect. Instead of displaying the original picture of Indian cricket team’s first captain, CK Nayudu, the results showed a smiling photo of Virender Sehwag and that too in blue Indian jersey.

CK Nayudu

Google shows Virender Sehwag’s picture instead of CK Nayudu’s

At first, we thought that it was because of cache or could be some data related issue. We then performed a double check. We tried a similar search on our smartphones. and guess what, we got the same results. However, this time, Virender Sehwag’s picture was bit enlarged than what we saw previously.


CK Nayudu

Google shows Virender Sehwag’s picture instead of CK Nayudu’s

Later, we clicked on the Quora link suggested by Google. Inside the link, the image was fine. It was showing CK  Nayudu’s picture along with his bio.   Interestingly, the link also has information about Virender Sehwag. Along with his picture, it is mentioned that”The first captain of the Indian T20I Cricket team was Virender Sehwag against South Africa at Johannesburg on Dec 1, 2006.”

Quora Screengrab


To make your job easy, here we are listing the first captains of Indian cricket team across all the formats.

First Test Captain: CK NAYUDU


First Test captain of Indian Cricket Team: CK NAYUDU

First ODI captain: Ajit Wadekar

Ajit Wadekar

First ODI captain of Indian Cricket Team: Ajit Wadekar

First T20 captain: Virender Sehwag

Virender Sehwag

First T20I captain of Indian Cricket Team: Virender Sehwag

Happy Googling Guys!

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