Oh yes, it has to be said that the Pune pitch was the match-winner! It was unplayable, in a way it was the protagonist during a tweet conversation between an Aussie and an English. Shane Warne and Mark Butcher! World no.1 in Tests, Indians were belittled by the Aussies in under 3-days. Unbelievable! So how did the procession happen, the pitch has to be blamed for it. As expected, the pitch showed its true colours from the second hour of the Test. How often does this happen, not too frequently. Class, skills and temperament were all thrown out of the window as the batsman were helpless.

Nathan Lyon and Stephen O’Keefe ran riot and burst the big egos of the Indian batsman. Indian batsman are no pushovers but the way they fell like a pack of cards was humiliating from an Indian perspective. The broadcasters of the match Australian Shane Warne and Mark Butcher took to Twitter to give their respective takes on the pitch.

Former English middle-order batsman Mark Butcher’s tweet read, ” Doesn’t look like a golf course to me”. Golf courses are usually flat and the nature of the pitch is not abrupt or two paced. It was the total opposite of a golf course and that was the hidden sarcasm.

Spotting the subtle humour of the tweet, Shane Warne got into the act and replied to Mark Butcher, his tweet read, ” Haha, unfortunately not!”

It is good to see an Australian and an Englishman having a light moment.