A video is going viral in which a 5-year-old boy is offering genuine cricket shots to leg spinners bowled by a bowler much senior to him. The video is adorable because the boy is tiny in stature. But this doesn’t take the credit from him that he has so much understanding about cricket at such a tender age.

According to reports, the video is of 2014 and is going viral. The 5-year-old boy is Rudra Pratap. He was playing under 14 cricket for Delhi. It is apparent that most of the other boys are lanky, Rudra is tiny. He walks on to the field like a boss and plays a genuine cricket shot on the very first ball he faced. He rolled his wrists and played with soft hands. He was trying to play it finer but the ball got to the fielder.

How small he was at the time can be gauged from the fact that Rudra was wearing over-sized equipment. Be it his chest guard or his knee guard, they were not fitting him.

Many people have remembered Sachin Tendulkar after watching the little man. When Tendulkar had made his international debut he was only 16-year-old. Even his opponents said that he looked like a child. But Sachin had talent and grit which is all that is needed to win. Sachin got out at 18 runs on his debut. But Sachin had other plans. He hit a half-century in the very next Test match against Pakistan. Tendulkar had hit his first 50 twenty seven years ago today.