Indian lower-order batsmen Ravindra Jadeja and R Ashwin saved the day for India. After a sudden flurry of wickets, both the batsmen steadied Indian  ship as they consolidated India’s position in the first innings. Ashwin departed after scoring 72 valuable runs. Jadeja built a partnership with newcomer Jayant Yadav. But a lot of things happened in between this. England pacer James Anderson continued using cheap tactics to distract Indian batsmen. Their focus today was Jadeja as he was inching towards a good score.

Jadeja played a straight-batted shot back to Anderson who was at the bowling end. Anderson threw the ball back at Jadeja who played another straight-batted shot on the throw. But unlike day 2, Anderson didn’t appeal to the umpire to declare him out. Later Jadeja made a superb fifty and celebrated in a grand fashion. Watch the video

A similar incident occurred on day 2 of the match. England were out for 283 runs. Anderson was not troubling Indian batsmen. So he tried to unsettle them.  Opener Murali Vijay played a defensive shot that was fielded by bowler James Anderson. Vijay was standing an inch outside the crease. After a few seconds, Anderson realised that he was standing out of the crease. But he also knew that he was standing in front of the wickets and there was no chance of the ball hitting the wickets. But Anderson still took a shy at the stumps. The ball hit Vijay, who was unmoved, on the pad. Anderson appealed to the umpires to give Vijay out for obstructing fielding. The third umpires later found that Vijay was just standing his ground and didn’t try to obstruct the field.

India have consolidated their position. They have been leading by over 100 runs.