South Africa are playing a grueling series away from home, in the southern hemisphere. New Zealand is the team they are playing. The two teams have had a great history, since the 2015 WC semi finals. Competition has peaked among the two sides and there is no reprieve. The series understandably is a taxing one for all the players. Taking some time off the field and action, Protean seamer Wayne Parnell gave us a glimpse of his love for the lens, the camera.

He recently uploaded a video which was retweeted by AB De Villiers, of his work on Twitter and that exemplifies the other side of the cricketer. He is a lens man, who loves the camera. In the video, Parnell has a professional camera round his neck. He apparently is in Wellington, the windy city. In the voice-over, he mentions his love for urban photography. He also admits that Wellington reminds him of Cape Town. He also adds that travelling helps you open up your mind. He is wearing a cool trendy outfit and looks the part. Parnell says travelling allows him to meet various people from various cultures and that gives him a kick.

He also admits travelling has improved his photography. He also talks of his eyes, and what it sees. He also talks the usage of light, the golden hour to shoot and how to use the sun rays to your advantage during photography. As in-depth as it gets.