There are hilarious incidents that happen on a cricket field, but this has to be one of the most funniest of them all. This happened in Australia during one of their domestic cricket matches. The player involved in this oh-so funny incident is Australian left arm spinner Fawad Ahmed. The Pakistani born who plays for the Victorian side in the domestic league. In a Sheffield Shield match, which is a prestigious tournament in Australia Fawad Ahmed did something that will regale generations.

So who is Fawad Ahmed?

He is a Pakistani born who fled to the Southern Hemisphere in 2010 looking for asylum. He has worked with NGO’s that educate women and empower them.

So, why is he making news?

In a Sheffield Shield match, he apparently walked out to bat without a bat, on realising his goof-up he comes back to the dressing room to receive the bat and his reaction to that is priceless.

In the video, he walked out to bat and is getting his gloves in the right place, when he suddenly realises that he does not have a bat. He walks out without his bat, the crowd and team staff find it hilarious and start clapping and laughing. When he finally comes into the middle, the umpire who is having a drink asks him what happened.

The match was being played at Adelaide, he has picked up a 3-fer in both innings, that is good considering the pitches in Australia.

Have a great laugh at poor Fawad Ahmed’s gaffe!