As one of the fiercest bowlers of all time, Denis Lillee turns 68, Virender Sehwag has a message for him that will make you feel ‘eerie’. Yes, it will make you feel ‘eerie’. This is not the first time that Sehwag has made a comment which has gone awry. Australian great Denis Lillee was known as the ‘most complete bowler’ of his times. He was lethal and had the ability to run through line-ups. In December 1971, he decimated a powerful World XI side in Perth, taking 8 for 29 in the first innings, and went on to claim 31 Test wickets at 17.67 during the 1972 Ashes tour, that is how he impacted matches and changed the complexion of series’.

But Virender Sehwag wishing him is strange to start of with and his tweet reaffirms why did he tweet in the first place. His tweet read, “Hpy Bday Sir Dennis Lillee. If Lilleeji were in film Gunda’ Naam hai mera Lillee,kar deta hoon batsman ki pant Gilee’.”

So why is the tweet bang on?

It is bang-on because one, Sehwag calls him a character from the movie ‘Gunda’, a Bollywood flick. ‘Gunda’ means a goon. Lillee was a terror to the batsman, yes he was, when in full-throttle. He decimated oppositions with his raw pace. Then Sehwag goes on to say that when Lillee used to bowl, batsman usually had their pants wet. What Sehwag tried to convey is that people could not combat the lethal pace of Lille and were very scared of facing him.

It is funny how he shows respect to Denis Lillee in the Indian way by touting him as ‘ji’, a term used to refer to elders to show respect.