In under 24 hours, Virat Kohli would be marshalling the Indian XI against Australia in the first of the four-match Test series. In a press conference, Virat Kohli talks about the Aussies, their strengths, India’s robustness and the focus points that shall make for in the high-octane encounter between the Blues and the Kangaroos.

Hailing Starc as an outstanding pacer, Virat Kohli said, “He has really grown leaps and bounds from the last time I saw him. He has really developed his skills and has emerged as a world class bowler for whom I have respect. To be honest, I have actually witnessed his progress.”

Virat Kohli also spoke about the probable banter that may take place considering the history. “We will not start anything, and if they poke us we will not shy away as well,” the captain asserted.

Highlighting the draw against England at Rajkot, Kohli said, “We learnt a lot from that game and the way we bounced back to beat them 4-0 speaks a lot about the character.”

“We are much more sure about our ability, we are focusing on our strengths and we are not taking the opposition for granted; we respect them,” he added while illumining the hundreds of thousands of fans about the game plan with which India would set foot on the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium.

The skipper also had something to say about the Aussies. “We are not bothered about the composition or combination, our strength has been not focusing too much on the opposition. We are in a good head space going into the series.

“I know my game and my focus is on improving and not get too many things in my mind,” he concluded.