‘Tit-for-tat’, ‘a feel of your medicine’ and ‘an eye for an eye’ are phrases that one would term to India’s responsive banter against the Australians. Historically, the Aussies have promoted sledging and have won big tournaments on its back. well-planned sledging is something that Glenn McGrath thrived in doing. Ahead of a Test during the pre match press conference, the lanky NSW pace used to mention the name of the batsman he would target from the opposition—this would send shivers down their spine. During Ashes, it used to be Nasser Husain and versus India, it was Sachin. At times it worked and backfired at others, but in general the logic held fort.

Lately, during the ongoing India versus Australia encounter, the Blues were humiliated by the visitors and after a subtle chitter-chatter on the field yesterday, former Australian wicketkeeper Ian Healy has taken offence to Indian captain Virat Kohli. “The pressure is starting to tell on (Kohli). I’m losing respect for him. He’s got to be a lot more respectful of his opponents. The stuff he did with Steve Smith was unacceptable,” said Healy, according to an Australian broadcaster.

He also felt that Kohli’s actions were putting more pressure on the Indian team.

But the startling thing is that such a statement is coming from an Aussie wicketkeeper, who himself adhered to sledging when Warne used to bowl. Quite strange, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, another former Australian cricketer Simon Katich reckoned that both Kohli and his counterpart Steve Smith handled a tense situation of a vital Test with aplomb.

We are sure this will not bother Virat Kohli an inch, that’s the strong person he is.