Former Indian Captain and President of Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB), Sourav Ganguly, said that he has received a dead threat through a letter from some anonymous source. After receiving the letter on January 7, Ganguly has reported to the police.

Ganguly said that he was threatened against attending a University programme on January 19 in Medinipur in West Bengal where he is invited to attend a felicitation ceremony.

While talking to the press, Sourav said,”Yes, I have received the letter and I have informed the Police and the organisers. Let’s see, nothing has been decided yet. It will be a live show program and you will come to know if I visit there.”

Ganguly spoke to the media person after a working committee meeting of the CAB which was called to discuss the implementation of the Lodha Panel reforms.

As learned by the media reports, the letter was addressed to Sourav’s mother Nirupa Ganguly. The letter said, ‎”Your son is hereby warned not to attend the programme. If he dares to come here, you will not see him again.”