They call him the God, if not God he surely is a demi-god in India. That is the kind of command he asserts among the masses. Last year Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s biopic released which garnered more than Rs 100 crores and more importantly won hearts of millions. In that movie, we got to witness the struggle of the MSD, the ticket checker, who rose to the top just by his sheer talent mixed with hardwork. He overcame struggles and obstacles to achieve that feat.

Sachin Tendulkar’s biopic is slated to release on the 26th of this month and already there is a frenzy among the crowds, who want to get a sneak-peek into everything about the film.

In an interview recently Sachin spoke about his struggles, movie and the passing away of his dad and its impact and said,

“Once a sportsman always a sportsman. If we talk about sports then I do not think I can play cricket again with the current fitness levels. There were many ups and downs in my 24-year career and people only saw how many runs I scored and how many balls I faced and how many fours and sixes I hit. If you ask them, they will tell you all this. But no one will be able to tell you what was going in my mind.  Only I knew what was there in my mind, and that is what I am saying in this film.”

“In 1999 I suffered a personal loss when my father passed away… what my family was thinking. Even at different stages, such as the one in 2003 when we were in South Africa, or even in 1998 when there was that Sharjah Sandstorm and then we played against Australia in India… there are so many moments. I thought people should get to know.”

He continued: “As I said in my retirement speech, that it is the best partnership of my life, and I say the same thing today. I would go out there to bat alone but a huge team would also be there behind me. My family, friends… everyone would contribute in their way which could help me to make my game better. It need not be an advice based only on cricket. Anjali does so many things but she never interfered in my cricket. But how can I play the sport better and remain stress free, for that she did a lot of things. My brother, mother, sister… everyone had the same goal to keep me stress-free should that my game gets better. A lot of sacrifices were made. Anjali is an integral part of this team.”

Revealing further on Anjali’s role in the film, Tendulkar said, “There are a few shots of us going on a drive in the film. We even do that today. I like safe driving. I do go to race tracks when I feel I should drive there. I enjoy go-karting. You can have fun there, which is okay. But you cannot drive like that on normal roads.”