Kevin Pietersen with all his off-the field antics, has to be crickets bad boy. He will also have Shane Warne for company in this league. At times, you must have felt he has pushed the line too far and got away. Where is PETA, one may ask after his latest take on a rhino. Well, KP, as he is fondly known is in Dubai for the Pakistan Super League. He represents the Quetta Gladiators’ franchisee and is one of their premier batsman in the outfit.

He is pretty famous for sharing over-the-top posts on social media, which invariably creates a stir. This time he may have just breached the line and if PETA takes note of this, he may land himself in a thick soup. He took to Twitter to post the picture of a ‘rhino’. That is okay but what is staking is the post that he tweeted. He tweeted, “SICK BASTARDS” in caps. Isn’t that harsh, then what is?

In the picture, you can see the rhino is injured and is bleeding, the skin is exposed which may invite infection. One should in such a case call for a vet or try to clean up the dirt. Instead he goes on to describe it as a ‘sick batstards’. That is so heartless. The point is how a global personality can be so harsh on a creature that cannot speak or express its feelings.

Does Kevin Pietersen have a heart, if so he should apologise immediately. This is setting a bad example for youngsters. Please get it rectified, KP!