Let us start with some figures. Sushma Verma has affected 5 stumpings in the course of the ongoing ICC Women’s World Cup 2017, whereas other wicketkeepers combined have managed 3 stumpings which just shows her superiority over others. Hence, we are compelled to draw comparisons. Who better to compare her with than her male counterpart Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The Indian women cricket team are on a rampage, winning four out of their four league matches and in turn secure a semi-final berth for themselves.

The 24-year old from Shimla is already taking giant strides in the world of cricket. She is also a decent batter. But what sets her apart from others, is her wicketkeeping skills, which is extraordinary. She is quick, swift and fast. Just like MS Dhoni who is equally quick, if not quicker behind the timber. Both the keepers have speed and street-smartedness in common between them.

When Indian eves took on their Sri Lankan counterpart and scored a respectable 232, it seemed the game was poised to go down to the wire but that is when little bit of common sense prevailed and India struck in the form of a stumping to peg Sri Lanka back. We are talking about the stumping of Hansika who was well-settled and was batting on 29, it was Verma who affected a stumping out of nowhere, just showing her presence of mind and speed. India managed to beat Sri Lankan eves by 16 runs.

This was a display of her good nimble glove-work against West Indies.

MS Dhoni may be at the twilight of his career, but he surely has inspired umpteen youngsters to pick up the gloves.

That’s right we surely should not.