On the field, he rips daylight out of the bowlers and then spends sleepless nights himself owing to his rigorous daily routine. So when he gets some sound sleep, we as Indians feel good knowing the fact that he is fresh and is ready to go about what he does best with the willow at ease. In a week’s time, he will be marshalling the Indian team against the mighty Australians—a series that is bound be a thrilling encounter.

Lately, he is also making headlines because of his personal life and space with leading lady from Bollywood, Anushka Sharma. The fact that Virat Kohli abruptly deleted his cute post from Facebook and Twitter got the gossip mongers speculating the reason. But it seems he had a peaceful night after that. At least his tweet suggests so. He took to Twitter up early at 7 o’ clock and tweeted, “The feeling you get when the morning rays hit you is bliss. Have a great day world. Make most of it.” Well, it seems he is pretty upbeat about life!

With the sun rays smashing Virat Kohli bang on the face, his eyes look pretty focussed and shines like that of a tiger ready to pounce upon its prey.

With seven days to go for the all-important India-Australia Test series, it seems Virat Kohli is in the right frame of mind to pile on the runs against the mighty Australian unit.