Beating India at home is any teams dream because at home India is unbeatable and this is the case since 2000. Teams have found it really tough to crack the India puzzle. England proved it wrong in 2012 and Australia want to repeat the same in a few days time when they take on the numero uno team in a weeks time.

As expected the pre-match hype is high-octane, McGrath has already been making remarks, Steve Waugh has also joined the bandwagon as well as Maxwell who has dropped hints that he is not going to shy away from a verbal dual.

David Warner the belligerent opener has recently in an interview said, “Beating India is the pinnacle. It is hard and tough. We must take our chances and must try to win and not draw. We will go all out to win in India. The world will be watching us. We have to change the record of the past and we are ready for the series. We are here to play our best brand of cricket and to beat India.”

He also spoke about what he expects from Ashwin and his prep for it, he said, “Ashwin thinks like a batsman and I have to be disciplined against him. I have a game plan for him. I have to bat against his strength. He is going to be ready for me and we both have to adapt to the situation. It’s going to be a great battle for the both of us. I have to respect a player like Ashwin. I have to bide my time”.

It seems that the India v Australia potboiler is going to be nothing short of breathtaking action spread over the next two months, records will be broken and so much to look forward to.