In the final and the decider T20 tournament, India have beaten England by 75 runs and clinched the series by 2-1.

Prior to this match, both the teams were settled after having won one match each. But in Bengaluru today, it was a complete power packed performance by team India with the bat and massively with the ball.

An outstanding spell was delivered by the spinner Yuzvendra Chahal, who took 6 big wickets after giving 25 runs in 4 overs. Apart from him, Jasprit Bumrah did the rest of the damage to the English team and took 3 wickets.

Following are the highlights from the game:

India win by 75 runs and they take the series 2-1.

Wicket: Overs 16.3, Tymal Mills c Kohli b Bumrah 0(2)

Wicket: Overs 16.1, Plunkett b Bumrah 0(1)

After the 16th over, England are at 127/8. The English side is struggling really very hard as Yuzvendra Chahal has throttled the English side being a lightening bolt.

Wicket: Overs 15.4, Stokes c Raina b Chahal 6(7) [4s-1]

Wicket: Overs 15.1, Moeen Ali c Kohli b Chahal 2(3)

After 15 overs, England are at 13/5. Bumrah came in to bowl the over and gave another shock to the English side. He dismissed Jose Buttler for a duck. 4 runs and a wicket came for India.

Wicket: Overs 14.2, Buttler c Kohli b Bumrah 0(2)

After 14 overs, England are at 119/4. In the 14th over, Yuzvendra Chahal came into the attack and damaged the English batting line-up once again. Taking back-to-back two wickets, he dismissed Captain Morgan and then Joe Root. A good over came for the Indian side with 2 wickets and 2 runs, only.

Wicket: Overs 13.3, Root lbw b Chahal 42(37) [4s-4 6s-2]

Wicket: Overs 13.3, Eoin Morgan c Rishabh Pant b Chahal 40(21) [4s-2 6s-3]

13 overs have gone and England are at 117/2. Amit Mishra continued with his another over and delivering a calculated over again, he conceded just 3 runs in the over. Both the batsman have crossed the barrier of 40 runs and India desperately needs a wicket now.

After the end of 12 overs, England were at 115/2. Once again changing the bowling attack, Kohli brought in Raina for bowling in a hope that he might take a wicket. But instead of doing any damage to the English side, the Englishmen hit him three sixes brutally. It was a good over for England where 22 runs were scored.

11 overs have gone and England were at 92/1. Amit Mishra was brought back into the attack where he delivered a calculated over. Just 6 runs came off it.

After the end of the 10th over, England were at 86/2. Hardik Pandy came in to bowl another over and he couldn’t do anything special in the over. Joe Root, on the other hand, hit him a six in the fourth ball while 9 runs came off the over.

After the end of 9 overs, England were at 77/2. Amit Mishra was the next bowler to bowl the over. Captain Morgan, on the other hand, looked set then and hit two consecutive fours to the off-spinner. A good over came up for the EEnglishmenand 13 runs came off it.

8 overs have gone, England were at 64/2. Again skipper Virat Kohli changed the bowler and brought in Hardik Pandya but Joe Root welcomed him with a six. A total of 8 runs came from the over.

After the end of 7 overs, England were at 56/2. A new man, Amit Mishra, was brought in to bowl by skipper Kohli and he caused another damage to the team. Mishra Dismissed the set batsman, Jason Roy at 32. Roy’s luck finally ran out. He had a couple of let-offs at the start of the innings, but he does not convert it into something substantial. The away going spinner once again doing the trick. Is it 5-0 on tour? Very slow through the air, clocked at 79.1kph, Roy went for the slog sweep, the extra bounce was there and he had to fetch it from outside off, the top edge skies beside the pitch. Dhoni calls for it and takes the easiest of catches. Captain Eoin Morgan came in at number 3. A massive over for the Indians as just a run and a wicket came from it.

Wicket: Overs 6.2, Jason Roy c Dhoni b Mishra 32(23) [4s-4 6s-1]

6 overs have gone and England were at 55/1. Ashish Nehra was brought in by skipper Kohli to continue the attack. After delivering the first three ball very well, Jason Roy hit Nehra for a four in the fourth ball while Joe Root also hit a boundary at the last ball and a total of 11 runs came out of the over.

5 overs have gone and India were at 44/1. Jasprit Bumrah was tye new man who came in and was welcomed by Jason Roy with a four. After 3 good balls. Bumrah was again hit for a four in the fifth ball and the over ended with a single. 10 runs came off the over.

After the 4th over, England are at 34/1. Chahal continued with his attack and was welcomed with a four from Jason Roy. Few singles and a double came off the over and a total of 9 runs were scored.

After the end of the 3rd over, England are at 25/1. Nehra continued with his pace attack but Joe Root hit him ma four in the 2nd ball of the over. Root again hit him in the last ball of the over and a total of 13 runs came off it

After the 2nd over, England were at 12/1. Bowling attack changed and Yuzvendra Chahal came into the attack. He caused the first loss to the English team and dismissed Sam Billings for 0 but also missed another chance to take the 2nd English wicket. Joe Root came in at number 3. At the end, 11 runs came off the over.

Wicket: Overs 1.2, S Billings c Raina b Chahal 0(1)

After the first over, England are at 1/0.In order to chase a huge total of 203 runs, opener Jason Roy and Sam billings came on the crease to open the English innings while from India, Ashish Nehra delivered the first over. Nehra showing his class of bowling and the learnings from his vast experience just conceded one run in the very first over.

In the third and decider T20 game between India and England, at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, India came in to bat first, after losing the toss, and scored a total of 202 runs and set a target of 203 for England to chase.

Massive innings came from the bats of Suresh Raina and MS Dhoni as both played a useful inning of 50 runs each. Raina played a knock of 63 runs while MS Dhoni scored his first fifty in the t2oI and played a knock of 56 runs. Yuvraj also showcased his class and played a quick and furious knock of 27 runs off 10 balls.

India, playing massively, managed to put a huge score of 202 runs after losing 6 wickets.

In the 20th over, though team India lost MS Dhoni at 56 but the runs continued coming in off the bats of Rishabh Pant and Hardik Pandya. The score stats were like Wd 4 W 2 6 2 1,W and a total of 16 runs came off the over.

Wicket: Overs 19.2, Dhoni c Adil Rashid b Jordan 56(36) [4s-5 6s-2]

19 overs are gone and India are at 186/4. Tymal Mills was brought back who again hampered the Indian side. Mills dismissed Yuvraj at 27. Sensational delivery from Mills, this was the back of the hand slower ball, bowled at 97 kmph. Yuvraj waited, waited and waited.. but the ball never came. It might have stuck on the pitch as well – further slowing it down. Yuvraj was through with the shot, then had a sort of a waft at it – the ball looped off the top-edge and it’s a dolly to Buttler. He walks off to a good round of applause from the crowd. Rishabh Pant, the new man came in at number 6. The over ended with a boundary hit by the new man in, Rishabh Pant and 9 runs came out off it.

Wicket: Overs 18.1, Yuvraj c Buttler b Tymal Mills 27(10) [4s-1 6s-3]

18 overs have gone and India are at 177/3. This over, delivered by Chris Jordan, not only brought the first fifty for MS Dhoni but Yuvraj too smashed like a giant. After a single score by MSD in the first ball, Yuvraj brought back the memories of World T20 2007. Thought the over ended with a single coming off Yuvi’s bat, the final over stat looked like 1,6,6,4,6,1. A total of 2 runs came from the over.

After the end of 17 overs, India were at 153/3. MS Dhoni’s fire didn’t stop as he welcomed Ben Stokes with a forceful four. With this shot, Dhoni reached at 42. No runs came off the next two balls but Dhoni again hit a boundary off the 5th ball. The over ended with a single and a total of 11 runs came off the over. Dhoni is at 49 now.

16 overs have gone and India were at 142/3. Tymal Mills came in to attack and delivered the over. But Dhoni looked pretty confident at that stage and welcomed him with a four in the very first balls. Apart from the boundary, 4 singles and a wide came from the over and a total of 10 runs were scored.

After 15 overs, India are at 132/3. Ben Stokes was brought back to deliver the over and a pretty over bowled by him. A boundary was scored and a total of 8 runs came off the over.

14 overs have gone and India were at 124/3. Liam Plunkett was brought back to introduce the pace attack once again. While, within no time, he did the destruction as well. Plunkett dismissed the set batsman Raina at 63. Yuvraj Singh came in at number 5. A good over for England with a wicket and 11 runs.

Wicket: Over 13.3, Raina c Eoin Morgan b Plunkett 63(45) [4s-2 6s-5]

After the 13th over, India were at 113/2. England continued the spin attack and Moeen Ali came into the attack but was brutally smashed for a six bybSuresh Raina in the very first ball. The over finished with a four and a total of 14 runs came from it.

12 overs have gone and India were at 99/2. Adil Rashid continued with his spin attack but this he was greeted by MS Dhoni with a massive six in the third ball. Not just this, but left-hander Suresh Raina again hit the off-spinner for another six to complete his fifty. A successful over for the Indians ii which 15 runs were scored.


After the 11th over, India were at 84/2. Moeen Ali continued with his spin attack and conceded 6 runs off it. Raina, playing confidently, is heading towards his fifty.

After the end of 10 overs, India were at 78/2. Adil Rashid, the new man with the ball came in, delivered a pretty good over as just 8 runs came from it. However, Suresh Raina looked more settled and hit him for a four in the third ball. Raina playing at 43 now and MS Dhoni is at 3.

9 overs have gone and India were at 70/2. Moeen Ali continues with his spin attack and while MS Dhoni takes charge in place of KL Rahul. Mooen Ali again bowled few nicer deliveries and conceded just 3 runs in the over.

After the end of the 8th Over, India were at 67/2. In the previous 5 overs, 56 runs came off without a wicket. Rain and Rahul are brutally charging against the English bowling attack. But suddenly, a shock came for India. Ben Stoke who came in to bowl the 8th over, gulped Rahul in the second ball and dismissed him for 22. Not Yuvraj, But MS Dhoni came in at number 4. A sudden change in the batting order introduced by skipper Kohli. Good over for England as just 3 runs came off the over.

Wicket: Over 7.2, Rahul b Stokes 22(18) [4s-2 6s-1]

7 overs have gone, India were at 64/1. Captain Morgan changes the bowling attack and brought Moeen Ali into the attack. In the 2nd ball, the fifty partnership came up for Raina nad Rahul but in the very next, Rahul furiously hit Moeen for a huge six that went over the roof. What a hit it was. And they waste no time and bring out the box to pick another ball. Flighted delivery on the stumps, Rahul steps out, gets closer to the pitch of the ball. The over ended with a single and 11 runs came off the over.

After the end of the 6th over, India were at 53/1. Jordan comes into the attack but Raina welcomed him with a massive six in the very 2nd ball of the over. Raina just did not stop there itself but again hit Jordan another six in the 5th ball that too on the leg side. The over ended with a single and 14 runs came from it. A good over for India again.

5 overs have gone and India were at 39/1. Skipper Morgan again changed the bowler and brought Ben Stokes into the attack. In the very first ball, Raina went for a big hit but failed to send the ball out of the boundary. Raina once again came forward in the fourth ball and send the ball out of the boundary for 4. Again a good over for India and 10 overs came from it.

After 4 overs, India were 29/1. England went to change the bowler and brought in Liam Plunkett to attack but KL Rahul did no mercy to him as he welcomed him with two consecutive fours in the first two balls. A good over came up for India with 12 runs coming from it.

After 3 overs, India were at 17/1. Tymal Mills continued with the bowling attack and both the batsmen looked bit struggling in front of the English bowling attack. However, Raina opened up at the last ball and hit Mills for a six at the off side. 9 runs came off the over along with a wide.

After the end of the 2nd over, India were at 8/1. The 2nd over was bowled by Chris Jordan and he gave the first shock to team India. Kohli was dismissed at 2. A huge blow to India in the initial overs. Suresh Raina was the new man came in at no. 3.  A successful over for  England, 1 wicket and 4 runs came from the over.

Wicket: Over 1.1, Kohli run out (Jordan) 2(4)

After the end of the 1st over, India were at 4/0. The English team once again, after winning the toss, have invited the Team India to bat first. The pair of skipper Kohli and KL Rahul opened the series for India while Tymal Mills begun with the bowling attack. A calculated over from the English side and 4 runs came from the over.

After a marginal defeat against the Indians, in the nail-biting 2nd T20 against the Indians held at Nagpur, the English skipper Eoin Morgan has won the toss in the decider game, at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru, against the hosts and have decided to bowl first. Keeping the tradition in continuation, the English side has once again asked the team India to bat in the first innings.

In the last game, after winning the toss, English Captain Eoin Morgan decided to field first and asked the Indians to bat. The last over proved to be a massacre for both the sides. England could successfully limit Indian side at a score of 144 but themselves failed to chase the target and lost the game by 5 runs.

For the last two games, the Indian has not anything remarkable. The top order failed to put a tough score for the opponents and in the both games while the Englishmen didn’t find either of the challenges above par.

Under such circumstances, the captain and the coach, Virat Kohli and Anil Kumble, has given a golden opportunity to the teenage debutant, Rishab Pant by including him on the playing eleven in the decider game. Former wicketkeeper Saba Karim presented Rishab, the debut cap.


After going by his records, his innings of 972 runs played in the Ranji session of 2016-17, makes him eligible to in the struggling Indian squad.

As far as the English side is concerned, there is just a single change and which includes Liam Plunkett have replaced Liam Dawson.


India: Lokesh Rahul, Virat Kohli(c), Rishabh Pant, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(w), Hardik Pandya, Amit Mishra, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah, Ashish Nehra

England: Jason Roy, Sam Billings, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Chris Jordan, Liam Plunkett, Adil Rashid, Tymal Mills