These are damning allegations and disgrace if true. Imran Khan is the most celebrated cricketer from the land of Pakistan, for leading their team to the 1992 World Cup triumph. He is currently a politician in Pakistan and an active one at that. He is a part of the PPP party and it is learnt that the famed cricketer, who i nspired millions was a cheat. Yes, that is exactly what a Muhammad Mehdi, a politician of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has alleged. He has alleged that Imran Khan way back in 1983 had denied bowling a crucial over, raising eyebrows.

This is not new in Pakistani cricket, cricketers in the past have also been involved in the same crime. Salman Butt, Sharjeel Khan, Mohammad Aamir and many others have been a part of this dirty world of fixing.

As per the quotes in Sportswallah, Muhammad Mehdi had noted that Imran was involved in match fixing. He was quoted as saying on that there was a time when Imran had refused to bowl a key over in the match. It was in the very same year when he bought a new house in London.

This is yesterday’s statement of the legend.

“A complete probe is the need of hour to trace out the amount Imran took in reward for his dubious refusal to bowl despite being the main striker of the team,” he quoted.

He also added the Imran Khan had left the team during the 1983 World Cup when the team needed his services the most. Also, the fact that Imran often fancied money was evident from the fact that he chose to play for Kerry Packer’s series.

It is shocking because he was looked upon as an idol.