He loves to party and drink, this is no secret. Last week, in Dubai he had couple of booz sessions with Shaggy and Didier Drogba.

Self proclaimed ‘world boss’ Chris Gayle after a long, eventful weekend finally found solace in water.

One may assume that is in detox mode, but knowing Gayle we feel it is just a stop-gap-arrangement before sipping alcohal again.

In a recently retweeted video by Pakistani cricketer Usama Mir, Gayle, who looks exhausted is seen sipping some water. What a relief it must be for the brutal batsman.

In the video, Gayle sips water from a wine glass, so Gayle-like, even the glass is a wine glass.

He is seen wearing a black tee, it has ‘attitude’ written on it. Looks damn stylish and cool. He has teamed his tee up with a grey golf cap, that is enhancing the entire style quotient.