They are fighters, probably Australians have this ingrained in their genes, more than anyone. Rolling back the years, you surely remember watching Lleyton Hewitt taking Federer into the fifth set after dropping the first two—sheer fighting spirit and that ‘never give up attitude’ actually sees them shine globally. Now, imagine a David Warner picking up his own heavy luggage at the airport because there was a lot of commotion due to the inflammable Indian crowds.

The whole Australian team, in fact, were reduced to coolies, literally. Coz, we the people know such things are possible considering it is India. Everything happens in India, and this Australian bunch knows it now. From dogs running into the field during live matches to facing a power cut at the Salt lake stadium during a domestic football match. So yes, it happens only in India.

But considering they were the visitors, things could have been better planned. In the video, Maxwell speaks about the experience saying that we were informed about the situation well in advance when we were on the bus.

“We got the message when we were on the bus saying that we have got to put the bags on the back of the (luggage) truck ourselves. So we all wheeled our bags around and the reverend was in the back of the truck helping out,” the Aussie allrounder said.

 Adding that it was a show of good leadership from Warner, Maxwell said, “So everyone just jumped on the board. We were only too happy to help. Everyone was pretty tired after the flight and thought the more the people got their hands dirty it could get the job done quicker and we could reach the hotel early.”
It feels embarrassing when we witness such things in our country which has its essence ingrained in the concept of Athithi Deo Bhava, meaning guests are an embodiment of god.