It is a known fact, his love for alcohol and parties, Chris Gayle likes to live life high. Why shouldn’t he! He of course is currently in Dubai, a place for the moneyed. He is currently there for the ongoing Pakistan Super League. Cricket aside, we have seen him chilling in pubs with near and dear ones like singer Shaggy and Didier Drogba, the clinical Chelsea striker. What friends to have.

The self-proclaimed World Boss recently took to Instagram to give us a sneak-peek into his personal life. In the Instagram picture he posted, you can see a beefy Gayle, sipping coconut water. Well coconut water has a lot of vital nutrients which helps you recharge your batteries. It is kind of a health drink found near the coastal regions.

In the picture, Gayle is wearing a jazzy red t-shirt. His protruding muscles are visible along with his tattoos. He is also sporting sunglasses teamed with a gold cap, vintage they say! He is stylish and suave. Do not miss out on the expensive gold watch on his hand, which adds to the style quotient. The Jamaican is also wearing a blue denim, it seems. It apparently looks he is in a hotel and sitting outside his allotted room.

Gayle is laughing as he usually does and his beard adds an extra element to his look.

Don’t hate the player… #Life #Dubai

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