Cow in India is as sacred as Mother India. India being a religious country, and cow here is treated as a holy animal. In India elections are won playing the ‘cow-card’, that is how disgraceful things can get. Recently, a judge in India from the western state of Rajasthan claimed that peacocks never have sex, and reproduce by crying. That is as strange as West Indies is a part of India. They say everything can happen in India, may be. Recently, the higher courts of India passed an order where slaughter of cows were banned and then to hear this is a bolt from the blue. Many quarters are already opposing this weird prize, leading the protest is Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said it destroys the “spirit of federalism” because cow, which comes under livestock is a state subject.

It is yet to be seen if the tournament goes ahead as planned as there is so much of opposing.

One of the players who will be taking part in this tournament – Raju Rabri said that they want the center to make cow the national animal and they would do their bit to promote this cause, “We want the state to recognize cow as the National Animal, only then can we save them,” he said.

This tournament is being organised by the Rabari community.

This tournament will be hosted by the city of Baroda. The organiser of the tournament Prakash Rabari, speaking to ANI, said, “With this tournament we want to send a message that cow is a very important component in our society. Rabari community has always protected the cattle as it is our livelihood.”