Was Rohit Sharma actually OUT? Very few Indians will say yes, rightly so. India are playing Pakistan today at Birmingham in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, where team India was defending its title. Pakistan won the toss and asked India to bat first on a placid track. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan got off to a sedate start but cashed in lated, they had a partnership in excess of 100 before Dhawan fell. Both the openers scored a half century. Rohit Sharma was run out for 91. But was he out. A decision that could have gone either ways.

Rohit Sharma departed when the score was 192 in the 37th over. So what are we debating, was he out. Shadab was the bowler, he was bowling gentle off-spins, Virat Kohli dabbed a incutter. He went off so did Rohit, with the naked eye we thought he was comfortably in. That was a run the two have achieved in the past and Rohit was actually in. The replays showed he was comfortably in, but, oh yes, his bat had popped up in the air and no part of it inside the crease was grounded. The third umpire saw the replay over and over again but then he had made up his mind, Rohit Sharma was out. He was all set to get to a well-deserved 100, the third umpire never even bothered to check the other angle from the leg side. Had that happened Rohit was in because there is a raised portion on that side of the bat.

Was he out or not out can be debated but India won the match by a king-sized margin of 124 runs, so that decision could not make a difference.