People across the globe waited so eagerly for June 4, 2017, just to witness the high-voltage clash between India and Pakistan. While, undoubtedly, the game commenced as expected. The Indian opening pair of Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma set Edgbaston cricket ground on fire with their phenomenal knocks. First Rohit Sharma hit his fifty and then Shikhar Dhawan did so in just 48 balls. However, later, Dhawan departed for 68 off 65 balls but Rohit Sharma was not in a mood to lose it so easily.

Despite the game was interrupted due to heavy rain but Rohit Sharma confidence remained intact. Though his runs against the number of balls played was a bit low but he carried on his class. Gradually, Rohit crossed the 90 runs barrier and was heading towards his century. However, he was not that fortunate and got run out while playing at 91.

It was the call from skipper Virat Kohli who pushed the ball towards the point and went for a single. On the other hand, Rohit tried to cross the crease but a collective effort from Babar Azam and Sarfaraz Ahmad beat his speed. Rohit Sharma hit a total of 2 sixes and 7 fours and was dismissed after scoring 91 runs off 119 balls.

Though Rohit missed his century by 9 runs but Twitter hailed his marvellous knock and expressed themselves within 140 characters in one of a unique ways

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