India played Sri Lanka yesterday and the men in blue lost but it has to be said a young Sri Lankan team played commendable cricket. In the end they cantered through to a victory and Shikhar Dhawan’s 125 was of no use. But credit has to be given to the Lankans for making the last two games of this group, virtual quarter finals. India, with the form they were in coming into the tournament this was a reality check in a way, probably well-timed, this will surely wipe out any complacency that could exist. For certain, a bruised India would be hungry for a win. But it was the Lankans all the way on a good wicket at the Oval, where defending is not easy. India will play South Africa next for a place in the semis, it surely will not be a easy match for the Indians. But after Sri Lanka’s surprise victory over India, Twitter really gave it back to India, read the tweets.