Virat Kohli, like Mahendra Singh Dhoni around him has become a multi-tasker it seems. You do not believe, it is surreal, but yes it has happened. Today, India lock horns with Pakistan in the most-anticipated match of the ODI calendar year. England’s Birmingham will host the two sub continental giants. It also is going to be a high-octane match as India and Pakistan are political rivals, thanks to the ever-existing-Kashmir issue. But, that is not what we are looking at, it is the big blockbuster and as the two teams warm-up, we saw Mahendra Singh Dhoni bowl in the nets and then field. It seems the multi-tasking attitude has rubbed off on Virat Kohli, yes it could be contagious.

So what are talking about is the fact when Virat Kohli tried emulating Shane Warne with a run-up like his. Virat Kohli took a three-step run-up and came in like Shane in the nets, he rolled his arm over more or less like the legendary Shane Warne. We could not see who was on the other end but we realise, yes there was somebody who commended Virat Kohli. So is Virat Kohli going to bowl leg spin in today’s encounter against Pakistan. We hope he does not try a Sachin Tendulkar in such a crunch game.

So this guy can lead a side, bat like a god then run like Usain Bolt and now bowl leg-spin, oh you are a master of many hats, Virat Kohli.