The ‘mother of all battles’ is here, India lock-horns with Pakistan today at Birmingham later today. Pakistan have lost their last five big ICC encounters, which is a record Pakistan would like to rectify today as they open their campaign against defending champions team India led by Virat Kohli. This has been a much-awaited contest. There has also been a huge build up to this game after Aamer Sohail’s comments and the Kumble-Kohli rift. So a lot of scores to settle when the arch rivals lock horns against eachother at Edgbaston. Virat Kohli has been the thorn for Pakistan over the last few years and rubbing him on the wrong side could be detrimental for team Pakistan, the cricketers know it but it seems the fans are in ‘LaLa Land’ they have no clue as to who dominant-a-force Virat Kohli is.

Ahead of the blockbuster clash, here is how some Pakistani fans jumped the gun amateurishly:

Even Pakistanis are fans of Virat Kohli, hence proven.