One has to agree that Bangladesh have been unlucky at times in ICC tournaments and currently they are playing one. After losing the first encounter with hosts England, it was a must-win for Bangladesh when they take on a formidable Australia. The two teams are playing at the Oval. Bangladesh won the toss and opted to bat first. They got off to a poor start and when they were looking to resurrect the ship, their captain and their main player, Mushfiqur Rahim fell. Now the main purpose of this article is to show that Mushfiqur Rahim was simply unlucky as he was not out.

So what happened?

The score was 53 for 2, Mushfiqur Rahim and Tamim Iqbal, the two most senior cricketers were batting. Moises Henriques was the bowler, he is gentle medium pacer. He bowled an overpitched ball, Rahim who was pressing on the back foot, found it hard to come forward convincingly, he went through with the shot. It seemed it got the inside edge, the bowler appealed, he shouted his lungs out, the umpire raised his finger, Mushfiqur was shocked. Then replays exactly showed why he was shocked because he had got an inside edge and there was clear bat contact. Moises Henriques went up in appeal, we do not blame him as that is his job, but what about the umpire who raised his finger.

In this video, you can spot a clear deflection which ends the case right there, he is not out.

That is exactly what surprises us, if you knew you were not out why didn’t you go for the DRS? Very surprising, he knew it had got some deflection of the willow, then why didn’t he opt to go upstairs, that is surely alarming and raises an eyebrow.